Happy Prickmas!

Christmas doesn’t have to be all pine trees and poinsettias. As John Lewis’ latest Christmas advert shows us, Snapper, a mischievous Venus flytrap which is cultivated from a seed by a young boy who thought he was buying a traditional tree, you don’t always have to stick to the status quo.

Who says carnivorous plants can’t be festive? And the same goes for cacti and air plants.

I have a great selection of gifts and decorations on my Xmas page. From tinsel wrapped Little Pricks to stunning Christmas Jelly Wish living tree decorations, we have a whole host of plants and gifts to green-up your chrimbo. One of the standouts is the Giant Jelly Wish featuring a show stopping natural coloured Cornish sea urchin shell approx 10-12cm across with living air plant and glittery green ribbon. A real Christmas statement. If you would like anything specials, just get in touch with your request Contact Us

Happy Christmas, Love TheChicGeek xx

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