You Mother’s-Day-Gifting What!

I’m not going to bad mouth flowers, I love flowers, but, it’s just so predictable for Mother’s Day. Let’s think outside the box, or inside, if it contains a #PenisCactus make-your-own kit. Mothers love a laugh, it’s a well known fact, they also love plants. Voila! Fabulous Plants. I have lots of gifts ideas in my garden centre of dreams

From cacti to spring bulbs, my Faux Bois collection of woodland like pots look great in any location or maybe a Re-Vintage arrangement with retro pots and finds.

All mums love a Giant Prick regardless of what they say. So splash out! *multiple water splash emojis*

Though, they are not quite ready yet, you could pre-order the most amazing smelling lily of the valley arrangement to keep your love giving well into late spring. Or if you would like anything special, just get in touch with your request contact Us


TheChicGeek xx

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