My Funny Valentine

My funny valentine,
Sweet comic valentine,
You make me smile with my heart,
Your looks are laughable,
Yet you’re my favourite work of art.

These lyrics, written by Richard Rodgers and Lorenz Hart in 1937, seem to sum up what love is all about – a smile, both inside and outside.

Making others laugh is life’s greatest aphrodisiac and also something that strongly binds you to them. Sharing the same sense of humour is the ultimately connection, and the endorphins it releases is the best drug. Love should be 365 days of the year, but Valentine’s Day does focus our attentions.

Now, what should you send your Valentine?

Cacti are the perfect gift to say, “I love you, you prick!”, they are also extremely long living, especially the larger specimens. Little Prick and Big Prick kits are super fun, while the Giant Pricks make a huge statement of your intent and give off big dick energy…

My ‘Birth of Penis!’ inspired by the Birth of Venus is as timeless as love itself. The white scallop shell symbolises her purity and birth from the sea. Or surreptitiously slip a Fabulous Plants gift voucher into their card so they can satisfy themself. OO-er, cheeky! Look for love in nature. Now stick that on your Valentine’s card!

Big love
TheChicGeek xx

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